Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why NDP Supporters Are Ticked

In my travels this weekend, I have been reading posts and comments from Greens and Liberals expressing surprise over NDP reaction to the May/Dion non-aggression pact. I am not a representative of the NDP. I only speak for myself. Myself, I am upset not by so much that Dion and May have decided not to run candidates in each other's riding (although it is undemocratic and disenfranchises their supporters). That is bad enough. What really browns off NDP supporters is Elizabeth May's endorsement of Stephane Dion for PM. That act more than any other starts the bullshit alarm ringing.

NDP supporters have not forgotten that May was part of the "Think Twice Coalition" and have been suspicious of her motives since that time. I myself would have stayed out of this if she had simply thanked Dion for the gesture of not running a Liberal in her riding. She didn't do that. She told her voters (and NDP voters too and anyone else listening) that Dion would be the best PM for Canada and that we should all make sure Harper did not get re-elected. To me, at that moment, May went from being the leader of an independent party to being Liberal candidate in all but name. Sure she can say she is running candidates across the country, but since she has endorsed Dion for PM, she is telling Green voters to unite behind Dion. So tell me, is that a credible position for the leader of a party? The answer is no. It is the position of a stalking horse, which is all Elizabeth May is.
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