Monday, April 30, 2007

A Government In Disarray

The ongoing saga over the treatment of prisoners handed over by Canadian Forces has taken a turn for the absurd. The government's new line is if the opposition can't give them specific names of prisoners who claim to have been abused, then no abuse has taken place and no investigation is required. The fact that the names of some of the complainants were in fact published in the Globe and Mail is meaningless:
A Globe investigation, based on 30 face-to-face interviews with men recently captured in Kandahar province, uncovered a range of horrific stories and a clear pattern of abuse by Afghan authorities who work closely with Canadian troops.

Some of the allegations were made by four men, whose names were published, and who were originally detained by Canadian forces.
Reality has not stopped our intrepid government from trying to brazen their way out of a losing position. The more they try this tactic however, the more foolish they look and the more it looks like they are really trying to hide something. Some adult supervision is required for the Tories and soon. Otherwise, this is just going to get worse and worse for them. If they want proof of the poisonous affect of stonewalling, all they have to look at is the popularity numbers of their ideological cousins to the south.
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