Tuesday, April 17, 2007

May/Dion Romance: The View From The Ground

From this morning's Chronicle Herald, comes word that the alliance between May and Dion will almost certainly mean the re-election of Peter MacKay:
But the Green-Liberal deal could end up helping the NDP, Mr. Bickerton said.

"If they’re (local Liberals) upset about it — and the word around here is a lot of people are upset — they could stay home, they could vote for the NDP," he said. "I don’t see a lot of NDP voters deserting the party to vote Green. And I think this alliance will make this even less likely."

The NDP nominated their candidate Sunday night: Louise Lorefice, a mother of eight who taught history and social studies in Antigonish for 38 years.

If she can hold the NDP vote and pick up newly liberated Liberal votes, she could compete with Mr. MacKay, whose support is strongest in the New Glasgow area.
May and Dion assume people are sheep and will vote as told. This is a fatal mistake, one they will learn to their sorrow. I suspect however, when May loses, she will blame Jack Layton.
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