Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jonathan Kay Knows What's Up, Too

From his comment today:
It is hard to know which party has made the bigger blunder in the electoral deal officially announced yesterday between Liberal leader St├ęphane Dion and Green leader Elizabeth May. Ms. May was elected leader by Green members last year in good faith, and we feel sure not all of them are happy that she has essentially decided to endorse Mr. Dion for prime minister (again), earning for herself an extremely slim chance of unseating Foreign Affairs minister Peter Mackay in Central Nova. The Green Party was founded to give Canadian voters an alternative to old-line parties and failed environmental policies; now May has made it a sub-annex of one of those parties, promoting a style of strategic voting that amounts to urging the public not to vote for any other Green candidates at all. (Message received, ma’am!) Some of her party’s nominees are already in open revolt.
I hadn't heard about the open revolt, but why wouldn't they be? If I were a Green candidate, I would wonder if "A" we hadn't just been taken over by the Liberals and "B" if not whether my leader just told Green voters to support not me, but the Liberal candidate.
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