Friday, April 13, 2007

Green Voters Now Homeless

The successful delivery of the Green Party into the hands of the Liberals by a former ringleader of the Liberal front group, Think Twice Coalition, now leaves Green voters with some tough choices. They can still vote Green, even though its own leader intends to endorse the Liberal leader for Prime Minister. Since we don't elect Prime Minister's directly, the only way to follow through on that endorsement is for Elizabeth May to tell her voters not to vote Green, but Liberal. I suspect a lot of Greens will not be really thrilled by that prospect. The Liberals had a terrible environmental record during its 13 years in power. They always, always talk a good game when they are out of power, but once safely elected, suddenly find other priorities. Why Green voters would follow their leader's advice is a mystery. Greens are not as stupid as their leader seems to assume.

Homeless Green voters deserve a better option than the feckless Liberal Party. Fortunately, there is another choice available to Greens, one that is truly progressive in its outlook, and not just during elections. If Greens want to vote for a progressive alternative to the Conservatives, they can do much better than throw away their votes on the Liberals.

Update: I realized that I left out the fact that Stephane Dion has made Liberal voters in Centrl Nova homeless too. Why did May and Dion go this route rather than endorse electoral reform? This is just ugly, ugly, ugly.
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