Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Wheels On The Tory Bus

Are looking decidedly shaky today. First, Harper was in huff and puff mode during question period yesterday, over charges that his government is doing nothing to protect the Geneva Convention rights of prisoners taken in Afghanistan:
However, I should say this. I think what is disgraceful is to simply accept the allegations of some Taliban suspects at face value. That is not appropriate for a Canadian member of Parliament. I will tell the House what else is inappropriate, the position of the deputy leader of the Liberal Party who said that he—.
Then this morning, we read that the government didn't have to "take the word" of the Taliban, its own diplomats were waving their hands like crazy, telling them about the problems involving prisoner transfers. Steve was being less than forthcoming, as they say in the House.

Then there is the "Green Plan". Not only is it a far cry from Kyoto, it was leaked to the opposition. I suspect today will be a very long day for misters Harper and Baird.

Update:Paul Wells starts off Mr. Harper's day by publicly branding him a liar.
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