Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Of Pyrrhic Victories

The Liberals are feeling mighty proud today over their "great victory" over the NDP, last night. The Liberals motion to call on the government to pull out of Afghanistan in 2009 was defeated, with an assist from the NDP. The Liberals are so clever calling this vote since they already voted with the Tories to extend the mission to 2009 anyway (against the wishes of the NDP who wanted us out in February 2007).

Are you seeing a pattern yet? The NDP wants the troops out now and the Liberals don't. The Liberals lose nothing by reaffirming their support for this war for the period they already agreed to. Meanwhile the NDP has to vote down this motion or agree to extend the mission for two years. Clever eh? The Liberals get to prop up the Tories for two more years and put the blame on the NDP.

Well, these clever guys are in for an interesting time and soon. Harper has said he will come to parliament to get any more extensions for the mission. The NDP will surely vote against any extension, but what about the Liberals? If past is prologue, they will be split, as usual and will whine and moan about the process. They might even lose a member or two over the vote. So let the braying jackasses who make up the Liberal Blogging Brigade crow over their great victory. The day of reckoning is coming and coming soon.
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