Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Does A Harper Majority Mean?

Well, to Steve Janke, it means firing the entire civil service because of a leak, destroying the CBC and generally striking back at their "enemies":
If the Conservatives win a majority, and they begin their program of shrinking government, who seriously doubts that the motivation will be less philosophy and more self-defence? Somewhere in that vast army of bureaucrats, many, if not most, honest and hardworking people who take their responsibilities and their oaths seriously, is a cadre of hyper-politicized activists who see their role as choosing the “right” government for Canadians.

Can’t find the rotten apples? Then throw out the barrel. Furious Conservatives might be tossing out many barrels. The media might be in for a rough ride too. The CBC, recipient of a billion dollars in direct government funding? They’re in trouble. The others? How many of them tap into a multitude of taxpayer-funded government-run production funds? Or have their production infrastructure underwritten by tax breaks?
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1 comment:

  1. Only in fantasies.

    No, the civil service will be reduced by attrition -- don't fire anyone, just don't replace the job when a person retires.

    Anything else, and John Baird won't get re-elected. Ottawa votes Conservative -- it won't anymore if someone goes through the public service with a scythe.