Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Hope Ian Capstick Was Misunderstood

By the Montreal Gazette:
Capstick said that means taking advantage of an increased budget to hire more staff, including economists, and public policy and public service experts.

The party will need a strong shadow cabinet and will probably have to "moderate" some of its positions, especially those relating to defence and foreign affairs.
I for one am not interested in the NDP becoming the new Liberal Party. I hope Mr. Capstick will clarify nonsense, immediately.
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  1. Rather than encouraging the NDP to abandon the position that has gotten the party this far, isn't more fair to state the Overton window has shifted leftward toward the position the NDP has taken, and political commentators just haven't caught onto this fact, yet?

  2. As long as there is a Liberal Party, there's no chance of that.

  3. HI Greg. I'm a rather accessible guy, next time flag your concern to me as you post it and I can come and answer even faster. As always newspaper articles can lack a nuance: my comments were part of a larger commentary on the NDP as a part of move towards forming government. This, of course means dealing with the reality of NDHQ and an bureaucracy that will need time to adapt. I'll also note that while I am a strong supporter of the Canadian military - I'm an army brat after all - I have been a staunch opponent of the war in Afghanistan and one of the only critics of the lack of a House of Commons vote on Libya. Context is king. You can always find me @iancapstick on Twitter. I can;t promise we'll always agree, but I will always listen.

    All the best. Keep sailing.

  4. Thanks for responding. It is always difficult to know how much liberty the media takes with one's views. I am always concerned that "moderation" is a "dog whistle" for those who want to water down the party's tradition of opposing the militarization of our foreign policy. That was the reason for my intervention. Your clarification is much appreciated. As for twitter, I am afraid I just don't get it. It is odd to consider blogging an old fashioned pursuit, but I guess it is.

  5. It sometimes seems as if constructing thoughts complicated enough to need paragraphs is an old fashioned pursuit. Odin help us all.