Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shorter Jeffrey Simpson

I am getting really nervous that the NDP is actually going to do well in this election.
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  1. Yes, that was my immediate thought upon reading the column. :p

  2. Doing a late-night poll vigil, to see whether the rumour of the NDP taking the lead in Quebec is true.

    If so, bet they pull into second nationally, which puts the cat among the pigeons -- could see a frantic move of voters here in Ontario.

    Which would be nuts.

    We might have useful votes, Greg! (Countering each other, of course.)

  3. The cat is officially among the pigeons -- statistical tie with the Liberals nationally in the EKOS poll, leads in Quebec in both EKOS and CROP.

    And the race has changed decisively.

    In which direction? No clue.

  4. This is the weirdest election I have ever seen.