Friday, April 01, 2011

Stability For Whom

Stephen Harper is asking for a stable, majority government but, how stable will the country be if he keeps picking fights with Quebec?
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  1. The Globe is reporting that he's promising to cut the per-vote subsidy because he's "tired" of elections. It's remarkable how effective the cons have been in persuading Canadians that elections are nothing but an inconvenience--like taxes.

  2. If he is as tired as he says, perhaps he should retire.

  3. It's a co-signing of a loan for a can't-miss hydro project.

    Hardly the stuff revolutions are made of. And Hydro-Quebec needs a good kicking, anyway -- yes, Newfoundland signed a bad deal with them. But they're jerks to hold them to it.

    Just because you _can_ do a thing, it doesn't mean you should.