Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear Iggy

You are not making it easy for me to vote for your party. You are not my first choice as PM. But, I am seriously considering voting for your party because a vote for your party in my riding might just deprive Harper of a seat. However, the more you talk down to people like me, call us "boy scouts" because we disagree with your stupid policy stance on Afghanistan, the harder it will be for me to continue with my plan to vote strategically. As a kindness to me, knock it off. The more you remind people like me how insufferable you are and how little difference there is between you and Mr. Harper, the more I am tempted to say screw it and vote for my preferred choice. Thanks for your time.
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  1. hmm, I guess he doesn't think too much of you and your beliefs and values.

  2. Sure doesn't seem to want my vote.

  3. To be fair, Jack started this pissing contest with his own attack ads after the debates. In fact, the only attack ads from Jack I've seen on my TV as of late are those attacking Iggy not STeve.

    I would've preferred that all three of these parties gang up on the common enemy, ol' Stevie Spiteful.

    However, as I've mentioned, since Jack started this pissing contest, did you really expect Iggy to not fight back?

  4. CK defend what he said.

    Don't boil it down to 'They started it!' or reduce it to purely tactical political considerations.

    Defend what he said and the ideas and attitudes behind it.

  5. In this case Iggy is essentially calling those who disagree with him naive. Frankly, that is no way to win friends.

  6. Out of curiosity, what riding do you live in?

  7. Boyscouts may have been below the belt but then again what was the willful ignorance of Jacks statement that "The Liberals support Mr. Harper 80% of the time!" when there have been clear moments when CPC budgets have been propped up by the NDP? Both statements, from Ignateiff and Layton, are sensationalist but drive home central positions in their party's campaign messaging.

    Seriously, look past this - and the Rae denunciation - for what it is: Politics. If times really are a'changing we'll see far more cooperation than hostility between the two after May 2 and this will be water under the bridge. Until then, we need to keep focused and vote smart to knock off as many CONS as we can and replace them with opposition candidates.

    In KW, vote smart and vote Liberal. In WPG Elmwood-Transcona, vote NDP. It is more than obvious that when the dust settles we will be on the cusp of exciting new possibilities for all progressives. Let's not shoot ourselves in the foot now.