Friday, April 15, 2011

Score One For Vote Suppression

Though the Guelph votes will count, the Harperites have managed to shut down special balloting at other Canadian universities. Election's Canada has ordered that there be no more of these events held on campus.

I noticed the following sentence in the article and it raised my eyebrow, to say the least:
Elections Canada issued a statement Friday that reaffirms special ballots are to be used to assist electors like snowbirds or military personnel who cannot get to a regular polling station.
Gee, I wonder why the Harperites aren't bitching about those ballots and those voters?
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  1. University special ballot polls usually aren't legal.

    Demonstrated that in 2006, when a U of T special ballot poll was shut down after the Liberals protested.

    People can vote by special ballot at their local Elections Canada office at any time.

    I often vote that way. Just can't do it quickly enough, some elections.

  2. The students still have an alternative. Groups can organize a "Walk to Vote" parade where students head out from the universities en masse and head down to their local Elections Canada office.

  3. I would've suggested doing van-loads, but "Walk to Vote" is a better idea.

  4. Coming late to this party but I just love the comments of young persons (students) claiming they can't access information about party platforms in order to make informed voting decisions. Educated in critical analysis, most connected electronically to up to date information of any previous generation, more free uncommitted time than other age groups but can't figure out who to vote for. We are doomed!