Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Reaction?

I wish Duceppe spoke better English.
I wish Layton had a prayer.
I wish Harper would stop lying.
I wish I could believe Iggy.

Other than that, who cares? The MSM, caught up in an endless cycle of sports cliches will declare that there was no "knock out punch" or "game changer". It doesn't matter that Harper is a liar. It doesn't matter that he has no respect for democracy -- he probably will be declared the winner of this game, simply by sticking to his lies, no matter what. The idea that Canadian democracy is the loser is not even considered important. After all, it's the game that's the thing. Everything else is secondary at best.
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  1. This is already the main media talking point and seems to be reflected in the post debate Ipsos Reid poll. Harper was "Prime Ministerial" because he was "calm." Really? Is that what it takes to be Prime Ministerial. Okay, fair enough, he was relaxed and reasoned. That one point for him. How about everything else he's done since forming governmeng in 2006? Multiple strikes against.

  2. Sometimes this country just leaves me cold. How can the MSM call Harper a winner. He is a weasel and standing calmly behind his lies. To me that spells sociopath. That is what he is a socio/psychopath. A sincere person doesn't keep parroting the same freaking talking points over and over again as Harper did.

  3. Defeat Stephen Harper: