Thursday, April 21, 2011

Look Out Jack

I hear the sound of artillery being swung in your direction. Of course, in the perverse world you inhabit, that is a much better place to be than out of the battle altogether. As an aside, it does kind of put Harper's coalition argument down the crapper. If you happen to destroy the Bloc and hold the balance of power, you will be a hero in English Canada (and you are already the most popular leader). It is hard to create a constitutional crisis in those circumstances. Harper will of course, now try to chip at your numbers in Quebec, in order to help the Bloc out. As I said, you live and work in a perverse world.
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  1. Fun campaign, Greg.

    Now we start to watch Ontario.

  2. A blue/red coalition now is not so far-fetched, eh?

  3. But it would take a Liberal Party reduced to third-party status.

    Incidentally, the full EKOS poll was completed, and it now has the NDP dead even with the Grits at 24.7%.

  4. Well, a rump Liberal Party is starting to look a real possibility.