Saturday, April 09, 2011

Dear MSM

I know you are limited to 4 questions per day, but can someone please ask Mr. Harper since he is making billions of dollars in promises (mostly tax cuts) that come into effect after the budget is balanced, why we should go to the trouble of balancing the budget, if we are going to instantly go back into deficit? I know you aren't allowed follow ups, but can someone ask him if this is just a camouflaged version of "Starve the beast"? It seems the Conservatives want to cut government like crazy and then pass more tax cuts as an excuse to cut more government (Hello Wisconsin). That is all fine and good, but stop treating voters as suckers. Also, can somebody please ask why, if there is so much waste in government, the Conservatives have not found it in over five years in power?

Update: Paul Wells, God bless him, tried to ask John Baird about where the government has cut in the last budget. It seems no one in the government can tell him where the savings were found. I may be wrong, but Wells does not sound satisfied with Mr. Baird's "answer".
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