Saturday, April 23, 2011

If You Want To Stop Stephen Harper

And you live west of North Bay, Ontario. Unless you live in a riding with a Liberal incumbent, I would vote NDP. This has been a brief message from a concerned voter.
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  1. Heh.

    Shoe feels good on that foot, doesn't it?

  2. Schadenfreude always feels good, but not as good as electoral reform would.

  3. As Liberals begin to see their own mortality, you may get their support.

  4. What if you live in North Bay? I anticipated voting for the Liberal incumbent but this NDP surge is laying waste to my strategic voting plan.

  5. It's a tough one all right. I think at this point I would stick with the incumbent.

  6. Mike this election has become about more then just stopping Harper. Vote NDP! Vote FOR something for once instead of against it.

  7. Mike,

    If you really want to vote strategically to keep Harper out, here are some simple rules to follow. A number of these do encourage you to vote NDP. Consider the following:

    1. If your riding has a non-Conservative incumbent, vote for the incumbent (it stops Conservatives from taking new ridings thanks to vote splitting).
    2. If your riding had the Liberals come second during the 2008 elections, vote Liberal (this covers a fair amount of Ontario, select ridings in BC, and the Maritimes).
    3. If your riding had the New Democrats come second during the 2008 elections, vote NDP (this covers a fair amount of Saskatchewan, the riding of Oshawa, and a bunch of ridings in BC).
    4. If your riding is Saanich-Gulf Islands or Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, vote Green.
    5. If your riding is in Quebec, vote NDP. (this is new).

    That's the rule of thumb, but you should also keep your ear to the ground and try to assess how the campaign is going in your local riding. For instance, much as I might like to vote NDP, the fact remains that the fight in Kitchener Centre appears to be between the Conservative incumbent and the Liberal challenger. History suggests that the NDP usually runs a strong campaign, but they never push past the entrenched Liberal and Conservative voting blocs.

    That might change, though, which is why I'm voting on May 2nd instead of during the advance polls. I want to see how this campaign pans out, first.

  8. Me too, James, for the same reason.

  9. I live in Conservative Tom Lukiwski's Riding in Regina Lumsden Lake Centre. The NDP is a solid 2nd behind the Conservatives and is poised to take the seat from them. However, Monica Lysack (who is a wonderful person and capable candidate) is currently garnering enough support to keep the seat in Harper's Caucus.

    With respect, if anyone who is planning on voting Liberal in this riding can hear me, please, please, vote for New Dems this one time to get rid of this Conservative MP