Saturday, April 02, 2011

Targeting The Message

A professor from Conservativestan explains who the coalition message is aimed at:
Steve Patten, a political-science professor at the University of Alberta, has a different view. He thinks Harper had an "effective" first week, got the news coverage that he wanted and ultimately planted his core message in the minds of voters.

"The emphasis on the coalition is something that backfires only for those who aren't predisposed to be supporting the Conservatives," says Patten. "It backfires only for those who are thinking a lot about politics and the complexities of our parliamentary system. But the people he's trying to sway are people who would like to see stability in governance, and they're people who don't want to see the NDP or Bloc have too much power and influence."
It is a simple message for people who don't think too much and find complexity too taxing. In other words, it is aimed at the Conservative base.
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  1. I know Steve Patten, and I can guarantee you, he doesn't live in Conservistan. :)

  2. If he lives in your riding, does he need a passport to go to Calgary? ;)

  3. re: "In other words, it is aimed at the Conservative base." Simple is as simple does. Harpo's base is all about the simple message!

  4. It's aimed at the people who prefer that Harper be PM, who don't always vote for him.