Thursday, March 31, 2011

Will I Take Harper At His Word?

Let's say I buy into Harper's paranoia about an evil coalition. Then is he encouraging me to vote Liberal in order to strengthen the number of potential coalition members in the House? That is the rational response to his message, since the Liberal finished second by 17 votes, in my riding last time. However, I would have thought he would rather have me vote NDP, out of principle, and allow the current Conservative MP to get in on the split vote. Am I missing something, or is the Vulcan chess master as crazy as he seems?
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  1. He doesn't give a darn about you.

    He's thinking about 905 ridings.

    But your response would be a rational one -- if a distasteful one for you, personally.

  2. Like eating glass, but Harper is making it more palatable by the minute. Soon it will be like eating dirt.

  3. That's how it goes.

    Just because you don't like it, it doesn't follow that it isn't so.

    You're living in one of the few ridings where there's _actually_ good reason for a strategic vote that will affect who holds government in the next parliament.

    In some other ridings, that means Liberals should vote NDP. See if you can trade your vote, and get someone to vote NDP where it matters -- and decide whether you can trust them.