Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Old MSM Stretch

Gloria Galloway is not one to let reality get in the way of a good narrative. The narrative for this election is the NDP and the Liberals are out to get each other. Now, the evidence does not support this (not on the NDP side in any case), so it leads Gloria to write this silly paragraph:
In the first three days of the 2011 campaign, the Liberal Leader has taken his plane to ridings that are held by New Democrats. And on Tuesday, Mr. Layton will repay the favour, heading to Brant and Kitchener, Ont., where the Liberals have always enjoyed good support even if they were not victorious on election night in 2008.
Our intrepid reporter noticed (as I did) that Iggy has been turning up in NDP held ridings a lot (although to be fair, not exclusively) this election. Layton though, has only gone to NDP ridings, or those currently held by the Conservatives. If Ms. Galloway wants to speculate about Iggy's motives, that might just be fair game, but Layton seems to be fishing in Conservative waters, at least to this point.
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