Sunday, March 27, 2011

Harper Pwned

Andrew Coyne edition. I am glad someone in the MSM is willing to call out Harper on his intellectual dishonesty. I would never want Andrew Coyne to have his fingers on our economy, but if I ever needed someone watching my back on issues related to democracy, he would be my choice.
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  1. I'm still unimpressed with the negativity being thrown at coalition governments (by Harper, Ignatieff and even Coyne in that article). While Coyne begrudgingly admits coalitions are legit, he seems to think that completely ruling them out is the only admirable thing to do.

    Who's going to stand up and honestly say they would work with other parties in the house? (I know Layton's already there, but it takes 2 to tango).

  2. Hold your applause, Greg.

    You won't like this one:

    Coyne gets what Harper is up to, and agrees with him. He just wants him to be calmer about it.

  3. It is all moot now anyway. The press is openly mocking Harper for raising it since he tried to do exactly the same thing in 2004.

    Coyne, unlike Harper sees this as a normal part of living in a Westminster style democracy. Harper has a totally made up version of our constitution, that springs from his own fevered imagination.

    Harper should explain where his constitutional theory of only holding an election if his minority government falls comes from. Have him bring forward constitutional scholars to back him up.He won't do that because like all Conservatives, he does not let reality get in the way of making a point. He will say anything to get elected. He will do anything, break any law (as we will soon find out, but alas after the election) to hold on to power.

  4. Btw. If he keeps getting probing questions from the press and 2004, watch for their access to be severely curtailed.

  5. Sorry Ben, I meant to include this with my comment

  6. It's all to the good, having those scenarios discussed before election day. I welcome it.

    And once that's done, people can cast an informed ballot -- knowing what government they're choosing.

  7. I want to know where Stephen Harper got his constitutional theory. It seems just like everything else he does -- he doesn't like the election rules so he games the system. He doesn't like the constitution, so he invents a new constitutional convention that no one else has ever heard of before. The man is pure evil.