Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Road Ahead: Stephen Harper

Given the fiasco of the rebellious press corps incident yesterday, we can expect the PM to be hermetically sealed away from the ink-stained wretches. What we will get is one photo op after another, with out intrepid PM dressed up in all kinds of neat hats (he loves hats, helmets, any head covering really). No questions please, this is the PM's chance to talk to the peasants voters. If he is ahead in the polls, watch for him to push for a very early debate with very strict rules about the actual debate part. Look for it to be as content free as the Conservatives can make it. Meanwhile the Conservative smear machine will fling crap in every direction. Finally, if he does happen to lose (God forbid!), he will take it gracelessly and will retire to Calgary to write an angry screed, calling for Alberta to separate from Canada.
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