Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why Diefenbaker Was Right

Polls are only good for dogs. I read this screaming headline in the Asper Post Media papers Conservatives most trustworthy party: election poll, But if you read the article they "won" this contest with a whopping 28% share of those who cited a preference. In fact, if you actually look at the numbers, the reality is that none of the parties is considered trustworthy. That makes sense. The rest is just the Aspers Post Media sucking up to the Conservative Party. Fido, come here boy. I have something for you.

Update: Mound of Sound points out in comments, that the Aspers are no longer involved in Post Media. Sorry about that guys, I thought you were still in control of that small corner of your empire. In fact, it is Paul Godfrey's outfit that is sucking up to the Conservatives (no big stretch).
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  1. Just what are these "Asper papers"? Last I heard, the Aspers were run out of their newspaper/TV empire a long time ago. Have they returned?

    28% is only "whopping" when contrasted to our own Liberal Party's 15%. When you get slammed, 2-1, on trustworthiness by the most deceptive, secretive, manipulative and undemocratic government in the past sixty years, there's something seriously wrong with YOU.

    This Liberal Party is on a one-way road to nowhere and, given the lacklustre opponent, that's beyond pathetic. It's tragic. Today's Liberals are the best thing, hands down, that Harper has working for him.

    This party has almost nothing in common with the Liberal Party of Laurier, St. Laurent, Pearson and Trudeau. Each of those guys, in his own way, knew how to fight, knew how to win.

    Lamentably, the Liberal Party has made no progress since Martin stepped down. If anything it's been in a continuous decline while it has waited for the Canadian public to realize how brilliant it is.
    I'd like to think this party couldn't get any lower but the path it's on is still headed that way.

  2. Mound, sorry you are right. I thought they still controlled Post Media. But in fact it is Paul Godfrey sucking up to the Conservatives (which is unbelievably easy for him). Second, the point I am trying to make if none of the above is more popular than the rest of the parties, it is a bit of a stretch to proclaim one "the most trustworthy". That's like winning most beautiful dog in an ugly dog contest.

    I will update the post though to include the correction. Thanks for pointing it out.