Friday, March 25, 2011

Two Things

First, will someone in the Liberal Party please help Iggy with the coalition question? For Christ's sake, Paul Wells has been warning you for two years that this was coming. Iggy looked evasive and when you are trying to frame the election as "Who do you trust", that's a bad thing.

Second, Iggy, do not tell NDP and Green Voters that they will kill kittens if they don't vote Liberal. It looks desperate (especially given that the writ hasn't even been dropped), is insulting and it won't work over a month-long campaign.

If this is what we can expect from Team Liberal, an Ontario 1990 may become a possibility.
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  1. 2nd bit I dunno what you mean. 1st bit dead on. Why is this so hard?

  2. BCL the appeal to NDP and Green voters while understandable (I guess) was a subtle as a kick to the throat. Rather than appearing confident in his own ability to organically grow the Liberal vote, he tried to shame NDP voters into voting for him. It came of as weak. Even Paul Martin didn't try this kind of naked appeal until the end of the 2004 campaign.

  3. WTF! Can anyone in the LPC camp give this idiot some direction. Going after the NDP, Greens or even the Bloc is not doing this country any favours. Even if it means a freaking LPC minority, bite the bullet and concentrate on taking the Conservatives out. The electorate might actually wake up and show up to the polls if they see that every single party sees them as a threat to democracy.