Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Well, That Was Predictable

The government, faced with contempt, dumps a large pile of crap on the floor and says, there you go. Then it sends out cabinet ministers to the chat shows to tell the world that it was in compliance all the time, it thought, but now they are really in compliance with the Speaker's ruling. When asked though whether all the figures released today was the same as those used to make the policy decisions made by the cabinet, those same cabinet ministers (Vic Toews I am looking at you) say they cant tell us that, because that would be breaking cabinet confidence. Maybe yes, maybe no, but pass the budget anyway. These guys make Milo Minderbinder look sane in comparison.
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  1. Well, you could say it was them showing their contempt for their fellow parliamentarians...

  2. I believe that will be the verdict, if a vote is ever held, which I doubt.