Friday, March 11, 2011

We'll Soon Change That

Human Resources Minister Diane Finley's spokesthingee, Ryan Sparrow, while commenting on an incident involving a ministry worker who hurt Ezra Levant's feelings while using his work email, said something that pricked my ears up. I will quote the preceding section of the Sun article for a little context:
According to a source, Eaton is an employment-insurance processor with Service Canada and works out of its Brampton, Ont., office.

Disciplinary action could range from a warning to firing, but "warnings are the most likely senario" because of union protection federal employees receive, Sparrow said.

"These are federal employees that are union members, (so) warnings are the most likely disciplinary action that takes place." (emphasis mine)
You can almost hear him say, "Damn unions. When we get our majority...."
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  1. He sounds wistful to me--given the high rate of job losses among ministerial aids (who seem to carry the water for Stephen Harper's accountability act).

  2. Mr. Sparrow is a survivor, but more importantly, he is a true believer. To him, Canada and Stephen Harper are interchangeable. He will be just fine.