Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hebert Speaks

About the debate debate:
The larger reality is that the federal leaders are only on a level playing field for the time of a debate or two.

But the options of a two-tier debate or a duel between Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff both involve an even greater level of distortion.

A one-on-one debate between the Liberal and Conservative leaders would be completely divorced from the electoral reality of regions such as Quebec and the Prairies.

In a pre-election CROP poll, the Liberals barely beat the Greens for support in francophone Quebec.

In Manitoba and Saskatchewan, shifting votes from the NDP to the Liberals is usually a formula for electing more Conservatives.
Perhaps, if a one on one is inevitable, it should be broadcast on TVO and in the Atlantic Provinces, the only two places where a head to head race between Iggy and Harper mirror some sliver of reality. Or, they can keep things as they are, messy, just like our country.
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1 comment:

  1. I was wondering how loudly the NDP and Bloc would scream about the idea.

    It seems to have died -- Harper offered an either/or, Ignatieff wanted both/and.