Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This Needs To Be Investigated

Are the Conservatives hiring people to post pro-Harper propaganda on web sites and in comment sections of newspapers? It sure looks that way. I think I might send Elections Canada an email to see if this is all Kosher. Ht to Orwell's Bastard.

Update: I sent an email to Elections Canada. I asked if this fell within their jurisdiction and also asked if this was an outside organization, whether it was considered third party advertising, or if it was actually a party run program, whether they needed to identify themselves.

Update 2: If this is a put up job by another party, that needs to be aired too. We have to teach all of the junior Donald Segrettis of the world that we won't stand for this kind of nonsense.
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  1. At the very least, they should be paying us 50% of the money they're receiving to comment on our websites.

  2. I figured it was a joke by left-wingers based on the language used.

    That isn't how the party tells us to spam editorial pages and phone-in shows -- and they do ask us to. (For free! Not for pay!)

    Their language is always very stilted & annoying.

  3. Mind you, if these are urban progressives or apolitical sorts hired to do conservative stuff for money, that's how they might talk about it...

    So it's possible.

    It's just not the language of the true-believers. And I know the true-believers.

  4. Well, Elections Canada will sort them out if they can find them. I hate this kind of crap.