Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shorter Margaret Wente

Yes Stephen Harper was stupid enough to open up the abortion debate overseas,but believe me, he is not stupid enough to open up the debate in Canada. So, go back to sleep, women of Canada. Harper doesn't have a hidden agenda. It's all in your mind.

The PMO must be really afraid of this issue if they are sending Margaret out as their champion. If this doesn't work, they will send out Christie Blatchford. God help us all.

Update: I guess the PMO felt it had to do something, when faced like columns like this one from Chantal Hebert:
By their own admission, pro-choice Conservative MPs voted against the Liberal motion on the basis of its wording, not its intent. A number of pro-choice Liberals were also absent for the vote on their party’s motion.

But in a future Parliament dominated by a Conservative majority, the outcome might be different. And if a prime minister is to be judged by his deeds rather than by his words, one should not count on Harper to stand against the anti-abortion tide of his caucus.

While the Prime Minister continues to maintain that he has no desire to wade back into the abortion debate, his government’s actions on the maternal health front are rightly seen by the Canadian anti-abortion lobby as its biggest victory in decades.
So, as usual, the message from the PMO is "Who are you going to believe, us or your lying eyes?"
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  1. Edith PricklyMay 20, 2010

    Gee thanks Peggy - now I feel better. The religious right are a very noisy minority in the US too and they've still managed to completely warp the political process there. Nope, nothing to see, couldn't happen here.

    Wankers (her and Harper.)