Friday, May 14, 2010

Opposition Look Like Fools

Standing around whining about how the mean Conservatives aren't living up to the spirit of their agreement on ten percenters:
It was revealed this week that she [Candice Hoeppner] is sending letters to individual homes in the ridings of the eight Liberal MPs who voted in favour of scrapping the registry. “Dear Friend,” she begins, and goes on to explain that Mr. Ignatieff is “forcing” their MP to support the registry after they did the “right thing” on second reading by voting with her.
Her letter is a clever way around the recent ban on the use of taxpayer-funded partisan flyers called “10 per centers.”

In mid-March, MPs – with the exception of the Conservatives – supported a Liberal motion to abolish the practice of mailing the partisan pamphlets to voters outside of their ridings.

It was deemed too expensive, the flyers too aggressively partisan; estimates were the practice cost up to $10-million each year.
There is a view among some opposition MPs that her letter-writing campaign goes against the spirit of the ban.

She disagrees: “I have completely complied with the rules of the House.” She says she has sent between 500 and 800 letters to people in the eight Liberal ridings who have indicated to her they are interested in the issue. (Taxpayers are picking up the tab for the postage – 57 cents a letter.)
And yet, these same whining losers are expecting this government to live up to the spirit of the agreement on the detainee documents. As P.T. Barnum once said, "There is a sucker born every minute". To which I would only add, "When they grow up they graduate to the opposition benches in Ottawa".
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