Monday, May 24, 2010

Red Liberals Pay Attention

Your blue masters are an unhappy lot:
Liberals, who hit 25 per cent in public opinion last week, are not happy with Grit Leader Michael Ignatieff, but his leadership is surviving on life support because as things stand there is no viable candidate who could take his place, say Liberal sources.
Really? No one, or just no one acceptable to the blues? H/t to the Jurist.
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  1. I'm surprised you didn't point out the direct quote from the article to the same effect:

    The source said Mr. Rae, who was a strong contender for the leadership in 2006, is respected in caucus for being a talented communicator, but is not viewed as a viable replacement because he is tainted in the eyes of the Ontario MPs for his stint as the NDP premier of the province in the 1990s.

    Combined with the shots at other possible leaders, it looks like there's a deliberate effort afoot to paper over dissatisfaction with Iggy by ruling out the possibility of anybody - particularly Rae - being any less flawed.

  2. Let's have an election and either have PM Ignatieff or let the Liberals get on with selecting their next leader.

    (Me, I suspect that Bob Rae would be a tougher opponent on the stump -- but easier to demagogue in Ontario. Not sure how that would break, in the end.)