Sunday, May 23, 2010

Humor For A Sunday

Kady writes some funny stuff:
Given the example set by Human Resources Minister Diane Finley -- who made a surprise appearance at the very same committee a few weeks back, during which she made an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to field questions on behalf of her director of communications, Ryan Sparrow -- would it not be reasonable and logical to expect the prime minister to do the very same thing on Tuesday morning, when -- by sheer coincidence, I'm sure -- Soudas himself is -- or was -- supposed to go before the Ethics committee to discuss alleged interference in Acess to Information requests?

It was, after all, Stephen Harper, not his communications director, who, as the latter explains it, "ran for office/accepted the role and responsibilities of being [prime] minister, including being accountable to and answering questions in parliament." He wouldn't want to send the message that he is less willing to take responsibility for the actions of his staff than his own minister, would he?

There are, of course, some annoying parliamentary traditionalists out there -- including the one behind this keyboard -- who will point out that, although this latest tactic may get full marks for procedural chutzpah, it is, alas, completely unenforceable, since Parliament has the power to send for persons, papers and records. We just went through all that with those soon-to-be-delivered detainee-related documents, so really, there's no excuse for this apparent outburst of cabinet-wide amnesia forgetfulness. (emphasis mine)
Kady is so cute, "soon to be delivered detainee-related documents". We should live so long. Maybe the opposition will "stand up" to the PM again and have a group of "eminent jurists" vet any potential list of witnesses. I am sure the PM will "bend" to another show of "parliamentary supremacy". Really, the PM knows the opposition is composed of wieners and is acting accordingly. He knows when push comes to shove -- well it never does come to shove, does it? The opposition always runs away, screaming in terror of an election.
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