Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Keep Kory Teneycke On CBC

With due deference to Charlie Angus, I think the CBC has done the nation a service by putting Kory Teneycke on Power and Politics. Watch his contribution to the "Power Panel" here. Anyone who can, as Kory does starting about the 43:00 minute mark, argue that the groups heretofore funded by the government are merely sops to the Liberal base and that Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth should not sit with the Conservative caucus, because she is not a conservative by his definition; should be encouraged to speak out daily. Kory Teneycke is the voice of the smirking frat boy wing of the Conservative Party and in my opinion, of Stephen Harper. If you want to know what the real Conservative vision for Canada is, you need to hear from people like Kory Teneycke.
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