Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Listeria In Ontario's Future

Did Tim Hudak just promise to scale back food inspections in Ontario?:
“We’ll get government out of our personal lives, our homes, our fridges, our backyards and, yes, our wallets,” said the rookie PC leader, who took the party helm last June, succeeding the more centrist John Tory. (emphasis mine)

Update: Also, given the proximity to the date of the 10th anniversary of this triumph of Conservative ideology over common sense, Hudak should have held his tongue.
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  1. My guess is he's going to do what I've been screaming for ages for someone to do -- allow us to have medium hamburgers again.

    Buddy of mine has been haranguing him over having a "fun" platform, i.e., letting us do our thing with food, alcohol, and sports. And Hudak has been going along with it.

  2. Well, it is good of him to say so before an election.