Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Did The Military And The Government...

Throw a brick through Iggy's window with a note attached, written by David Bercuson? It sure reads like a threat to me. To me, it reads "Drop the snooping into the Afghan detainee issue and rein in those two commies, or else.
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  1. Seems to me it's more like a brick through Iggy's window from the right side of the Liberal Party saying, "We did exactly the same thing that Harper did, and if you line up against us, we'll vote for _him_ next time."

  2. Bercusson's message is to the right side of the party, no doubt. Tell Iggy to knock it off and slap down those commies, Rae and Dosanjh. It is a warning that they may end up in the dock too if they don't cut it out. This government will not take the fall alone.

  3. Well, of course they will. It was a deal made by the Martin government in 2005 -- later tightened by the Harper government in 2007. The first high level warnings of abuses came under Martin.

    Open-and-shut case.