Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Why Is An Election Inevitable

The press is a bit "skeptical" about the Tory view that an election is inevitable. They ask a very, very good question. The Tories have a minority government and need the support of only one other party. Whether we have an election or not is up to the government's willingness to negotiate with other parties, not the Liberals. The Liberals alone have no ability to bring down the government. Why won't they work with the other parties in parliament to avoid an election? John Baird ran away from the press to avoid answering that question.
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  1. I'll salvage my previous prediction about how this parliament would last until 2012, unless Harper saw his chance for a majority.

    I think the government is aching to take a crack at Ignatieff in a national campaign.

    The Tories want an election. (While steadfastly denying it.)

  2. Oh, hell. _This_ Tory wants an election.