Friday, September 11, 2009

Back To Square One

Well, I see Iggy has fallen into Harper's trap. Having ruled out a coalition with anyone, Iggy has essentially said, "To Hell with a multi-party parliament. To Hell with parliamentary democracy. The next election will be a two party election, regardless the number of parties running." Well, fuck you Iggy. If you had said, as you should have, that while you would prefer a majority, you would accept whatever reality exists after the next election and work with the House as it is constituted", I might have voted Liberal, just to defeat my Conservative MP. Now, fuck that. I certainly won't be voting for a party lead by a wiener like you. Neither of the two big parties are lead by men who have even the slightest nodding acquaintance either with our parliamentary democracy or reality. What a choice for Canadians if Iggy's dreams come true. On the one hand we would have a Bush sympathizer, who wants to bring two party politics to Canada and on the other we have Harper. God save Canada.
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  1. Well, there's another way to look at it -- Harper is scheming to hold government after another minority win...