Friday, September 04, 2009

Note To Jeff Simpson II

It is nice to see Mr. Simpson doing some thinking. It's funny though, that his own habits of mind prevent him from seeing the solution to his problem, that is right before his eyes.

Mr. Simpson, our political culture, consisting of the big parties always jockeying for the kill, is based on our retarded electoral system. The big parties know they can get "majority" governments even though they command only a minority of the vote in the country. There is no reason to cooperate if they think they can win a "majority", even if they can't command majority support in the population. Instead, they look for "vote splits" and "strategic voting" and any number of other stupid strategies to get them to the promised land of absolute power without having to cooperate with anyone. If you really want to change the political culture in this country, then back electoral reform (I see you making a nod in its direction, keep it up). If you make it impossible for one party to rule with a majority without either commanding a majority of the vote, or by building coalitions with other parties, then the parties will learn to cooperate. Unless you remove the possibility of majority control with minority support, you will never change our political culture. Glad to be of help.
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