Monday, September 21, 2009

Liberal Caucus Split?

Well, let's see, we have an "anonymous Liberal" claiming that Iggy is going to lead the Liberals off a cliff and then we have Warren Kinsella threatening the anonymous Liberal with political capital punishment. Aside from that, they are one big happy family.
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  1. The sky's blue, Liberals are infighting.

    From the perspective of political theatre, you can't tell me that an election this fall wouldn't have been fun.

    We'd have seen the political crucifixion of either Harper or Ignatieff after the vote (unless the Tories won a 135 seat plurality, in which case both could limp on). We'd have seen anonymous Liberals (always) and possibly some anonymous Tories (a rising phenomenon) knife their leaders in the press.

    It would have been epic.

    Jack! Let us have a vote!

  2. It would have been fun, but I think Jack is determined to be a stick in the mud. :)