Friday, September 11, 2009

About Coalitions

Have you now or have you ever been a part of a coalition? This is getting completely ridiculous. The Conservatives are trying to turn coalitions into the new communism and Harper into the new Joe McCarthy. See Tailgunner Steve smoke out any nasty coalitionists. It is insane. Coalitions are a legitimate and necessary part of our parliamentary democracy. Just because Harper does not possess the social skill necessary to create one of his own, he is trying to make coalitions sound evil.

The sad fact is, Harper got away with this kind of nonsense last fall. He convinced our home grown "Teabaggers" that they had elected him Prime Minister through direct election and that a coup was being staged to throw him out of power. It was and is complete bullshit, but it appears to be the Conservatives only weapon to save their lousy joke of a government. We, all of us who believe in our constitution, must stand up and denounce the bald faced lies originating from our government, at every turn over the coming months. Otherwise, Harper may very well lie his way back to 24 Sussex Drive.

Update: Chantal Hebert thinks Harper is putting the country at risk. I agree. All you need to do is watch what is going on in the States right now. Once the loons of war are released, whipped up by the lies of demagogues, they are almost impossible to control and re-leash.
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  1. I can't stand Ignatieff, but if these tactics work, I will never forgive the Canadian people.

  2. You had to know it was coming.

    Look at it this way -- if Harper doesn't get a majority of seats, he's gone. Ignatieff will take power, because after having been accused of having that plan in mind during the writ period, it certainly can't be illegitimate to exercise the option after the election.