Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Thoughts On Harper's Trip To Tim's

Everybody else seems to be chiming in about this, so why not me? I think the move by Harper to snub the U.N. in favor of Tim's was a stroke of genius. First of all, Conservatives hate the U.N. As far as they are concerned, the U.N. used to be run by the Communists and is now run by the Islamofascists. Second, as odd as it may seem to anyone outside of the cult, Tim Horton's has become a fetish to the Conservative faithful. Tim Horton's, in the eyes of Conservatives, has transformed from a coffee shop, to a symbol of all the cardinal virtues of conservatism. It is mom and apple pie and small town values. It is a place where old people can gather and where teenagers either serve coffee or are told to leave if they make too much noise. In short, it is the 1950's with better coffee. So, by snubbing the U.N. in favor of Tim's, Harper is sending a signal to his flock. He is saying. "Ya, the eggheads will hate us, but so what? We are the true Canadians." This isn't a dogwhistle, it is a frickin' brass band. Harper's base will love it, and no matter what the implications are for Canada as a result of Harper's snub of the U.N., nothing and no one is important to this PM as his base. So, scream away eggheads. You will never wipe the smile off of Harper's face.
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  1. Except for the sarcastic tinge, I agree with you, Greg. :p