Monday, September 28, 2009

Sign That The Liberals Are Ready For An Election

The party has never been more unified.
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  1. What a big baby! If Coderre is resigning because of an open nomination process in Outremont, then the Liberal Party is better off without him. His approach was the old anti-grassroots way of doing things.

  2. I agree thaat he is no fan of grassroots politics, but his bigger objection seems to be that another faction in the party is calling the shots.

  3. ...because they required an open nomination in Outremont. Can't say that I have much sympathy for Coderre's objections, here.

    Mind you, future behaviour will affect this assessment. Parachute candidates were always a bit of a sore point with myself and a number of voters I know. If Ignatieff parachutes others into ridings from this point on, the question will have to be asked: why there and not Outremont?

  4. Coderre did have to resign -- his call, initially backed by the leader, was reversed.

    Meant that he didn't have the authority to make big decisions on his own, without an appeal to Toronto. He became a laughingstock. (Didn't have to resign as a critic, though -- that took it too far.)

    Now, is the Liberal Party helped out by this little contretemps? I'd actually say, for the long term, yes. They should have those open nominations, and their members should have access to them.

    Iggy looks a little silly this week, but the party comes out stronger next year for it.

  5. Can't say I have much sympathy for Codere's objections here.

    Nor do I. I think you are wise to keep an eye on the nomination process.