Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Great Progressive Fake Out Continues

This time on taxes. The Star, normally the Liberals biggest cheerleader, actually points out Iggy's mental gymnastics.
Noting that Harper said last summer that no taxes are good taxes, Ignatieff retorted: "We pay taxes, Mr. Harper, so that premature infants get nursing care when they're born; so that policemen will be there to keep our streets safe; so that we have teachers to give our kids a good education."

That is a strong defence of taxation, and it differentiates Ignatieff and the Liberals from Harper and the anti-tax neo-conservatives now in charge in Ottawa.

Unfortunately, however, Ignatieff ducked on the question of whether he would consider raising or restoring taxes to allow the budget to be balanced without cutting social programs. In his speech, he said only that taxes would have to be kept "competitive." Later, in response to direct questions from reporters, Ignatieff said a tax increase would not be part of the Liberal platform.
That, in a nutshell, is why I don't vote Liberal. They always know the right answer. They even promote the right answer to sway the gullible to their side. They just won't implement what they know is right. Why would anyone vote for more of the same, wrapped in nice sounding words?
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