Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where The MSM Goes Off The Rails

From a CP story about the NDP change in direction:
The decision puts the NDP in a position similar to one the Liberals were in for months: supporting a government it despises in the hope of extracting benefit for its causes.
Where to begin. The Liberals were not in the same position as the NDP. It voted with government on issues on which it agreed with the government (like Afghanistan), or because it wanted to forestall an election while the internal civil war over Dion played out. If I look back over the last three years, "extracting benefit for its causes" is not a phrase I would associate with the Liberals -- patrons yes, causes no. Aside from this misstatement, the article is well worth a look.

Update: Robert has more examples of Liberal/Conservative co-religionism, over the years.
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