Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Even More Hmm Moments

From the Globe:
The NDP fears that the Conservative government might now try to force confidence votes on measures that would run squarely against the New Democrats' core positions.
Ya think?

New Democrats cautioned they will still judge such issues on a case-by-case basis.
I will be watching like a hawk. The NDP is on probation (excuse the phrase). I will wait to see what the EI bill says before making any judgements.

Update: After reading pogge's take, I agree. Amateur hour. Note to Liberals. This does not, in any way, make me want to vote for the diseased carcass known as the Liberal Party of Canada.
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  1. Yes.

    Not at all surprising... and the Liberals are encouraging it every time they talk about Harper teaming up with the socialists.

    (Has the NDP ever been ashamed of the label "socialist"? They're/you're part of the Socialist International. The way Ignatieff is framing it, it's as if he sees it as a slightly unjust epithet, the way the Democrats might.)

    Have no fear, the Tories are as leery of this arrangement as the Dippers are...

  2. Yes, the whole "socialist" thing is bizarre.