Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When You Act Like A Sneak

People suspect your motives. Paul Wells on last week's press conference at the National Press Theatre.
Stephen Harper has now been caught scoping out at least two venues to pursue his media-control neurosis: the former US embassy, and a Sparks Street shoe shop. (See Kady's blog for more.) That's a fairly hefty number of millions of your tax dollars to spend because he's got a thing about scrums. I now believe he held that presser in the National Press Theatre last week because he knew the access-to-information request from the Star had gone through and he was about to look like a very odd fellow for empire-building on your dime when there was already a perfectly good venue in place. So, finally caught, he used the perfectly good venue for the first time. Funny: he used to say the Liberals only do the right thing when caught.
Harper used to condemn the government for holding too many votes of confidence too, but times change I guess.
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