Friday, October 26, 2007

Veiled Threats

Before anyone goes off on the government's anti-Muslim veil legislation remember, none of the parties will do a damn thing to stop this legislation. They are all guilty of pandering to the lunatic fringe, while chasing public opinion (and seats) in Quebec. Every last damn one of them.

Update: Jack Layton asks a good question.
NDP Leader Jack Layton suggested that the proposed changes were not the most pressing issue, arguing that there were a million people who were unable to even get on the voting list.

“The so-called problem of the veils is not even a question raised by the Muslim community,” Layton said. “So why didn’t the government choose to settle a big problem that leaves a large number of people in rural communities and the North, for example, off of the (electoral) list, without the possibility of voting?”
Maybe it's because Steve is feeling emboldened since he knows when push comes to shove, you will roll over and let him off the hook.

Update 2: This is the least surprising story of the day. This insanity is going to end badly. Mark my words. This is just so wrong that there will be many unintended and unpleasant consequences. Too bad the opposition (all of you and especially Jack Layton) have sold their political souls for a shot at a few more seats. It isn't too late for you to make a choice for freedom, but feeble protests about the "need" for such a law, won't cut it.
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