Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Paul Wells Ponders

This afternoon:
Back in the mid-'00s, we used to enjoy a chuckle whenever the Paul Martin crew would come up with some extraordinarily contrived sideshow in an attempt to bury an embarrassing headline. But even that PMO would never have thought it could get away with announcing tax cuts on 24 hours' notice, simply to bury an auditor general's report.

I used to work at a newspaper that, if it spotted such a transparent dodge -- at least from a Liberal government -- would have buried the tax cut on Page 4 and monstered the AG report. But there is no newspaper left in Canada with that kind of self-confidence, is there?

Is there?

Well, let's see which is higher up on the web sites, the tax cuts or the Auditor General's Report? It looks like the MSM has swallowed the bait. The denizens of the PMO must be popping the corks right about now. BTW, it looks like the Star gets the prize for having the most obscure placement of the AG story.
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  1. Speaking of Wells, I dig what he said about the Taliban on his blog too. Everyone talks to the Taliban, and talking is what Jack suggests, but of course gets criticized for it here because our government uses silly American neo-con talking points from 2002.

    The free ride Harper is getting really needs to end, its really lame.