Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's All In How You Look At It

Don Martin looks at Harper and sees a genius. I look at Harper and I see the captain of the math squad bragging that he can kick everyone's ass. Given that when he says "everyone", he means the guy who runs the projector during assemblies, I am not that impressed.

Update: Further to my comment on this posting. Why would the Tories want this to be known? The more they advertise the fact that they are going to put things in the Throne Speech that are unacceptable to the opposition, the more ridiculous their claims of wanting to avoid an election become. Bizarre. It's like a fighter telegraphing his punches.
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  1. It's all in who your opposition is, isn't it, Greg?

    Whatever. I thought Layton looked pretty reasonable in his press conference, so who knows, maybe he'll end up being that.

  2. Or even government. Crazier things have happened -- it could happen by accident, like in Ontario in 1990.

    (I think Harper would win a fall election. But I'm prejudiced.)

  3. What I find fascinating is Harper's need to be seen to be a tactical genius. Why announce the fact that you are setting a trap for your main political opponent? Why not just spring it on him? This announcement allows the Liberals to claim that the government is setting itself up for a fall. I suspect many books will be written about this aspect of Harper's personality.

  4. "What I find fascinating is Harper's need to be seen to be a tactical genius. "

    It's too bad he's not a tactile genius--that way we'd not only see it and hear about it but would feel it. Isn't that what conservatives are asking for when they use coded terms like "strong leader"?