Saturday, October 13, 2007

More Thoughts About Harper And Manley

So, as I said yesterday, the press is eating up the Manley appointment with a spoon. To me, this is just Stephen Harper needing to be seen to be clever. He is a showboat who wants everyone to tell him how brilliant he is. The press may be impressed with this maneuver but I'm not. All it tells me, and I suspect everyone else is, Harper has made up his mind we are staying in Afghanistan and is trying to embarrass Stephan Dion into going along. Cynical? Yes. Clever? Only by Ottawa press gallery standards where it is all about "the game".

Out here in the boondocks, it is just so much BS. If Harper wants us to stay in Afghanistan, he should just hold a real debate in Parliament and let the chips fall where they may. If he has a brilliant argument, maybe he will even win. But, he won't chance that. In the world of Ottawa (and Canadian) politics, democracy is only a good thing when the game is fixed and the outcome is assured.
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  1. Given Manley's record, he may end up running loose in Harper's china shop.

  2. Given Harper's record, we may never see Manley in public again. However, his report will be to Harper's liking even if it is kept secret.